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Birds have made their mark on art, figurines, plates, and stationary for hundreds of years.  Maybe it’s their exotic nature, so different from us, that captivates us.  Maybe it’s the way we watch them with awe, and also savor them.  Whatever it is, we have been celebrating their beauty for years!

John James Audubon,  famous naturalist and painter, studied birds in his surroundings in rural Pennsylvania and drew them in riveted detail. He discovered twenty-five new species.  What started as fascination turned into art.  Later in life, he published the irreplaceable Birds of America, a collection of 435 hand-colored prints of 497 different types of birdsSprung from a curiosity held since childhood, his bird print plates made an impression heard world-round.  Put on china tea cups, fine stationary, paintings, and much more, birds have had a starring role in design for years, and I just love them!