“As a teenager, you are at the last stage in your life when you will be happy to hear that the phone is for you.” – Fran Leibowitz

Before | Little Girl's Bedroom

You never think the day will come when your baby, let alone the youngest of three, will go from wide eyed child to world wide webbing teenager.  The day has come and it is bittersweet.   Too cool for school, yet still wants to cuddle.  Independent in many ways, but still depends on you for advice, rides, any yummy meals.  Out grown the toys, but still likes to be silly and show that deep down we are all a kid at heart.  When Rose told me that all she wanted this year was a grown up room, I had to oblige.  She wanted something modern, so we sat down and looked at pictures she had pulled for inspiration…sound familiar?  In the end, she decided black and white would be the perfect back drop to add color whenever she wanted  and be neutral enough to withstand the test of time as she gets older (sniff, sniff).  This little girl is stepping into adulthood and I couldn’t be more proud of the young woman she is becoming.

Remodeled Teen Room | D.L. RHEIN


Fresh, clean and serene for 2016!  Panels of vintage floral wallpaper were replaced with black chalkboard paint.  Following her older sister’s footsteps, Rose has become a budding artist herself and wanted to have the freedom to create and change her room whenever she felt like it, sometimes daily! All new white furniture from Ikea upgraded the space from little girl to young lady while keeping within a tight budget.  An alpaca throw from my store cozy’s up the bed and breaks up the white on white bedding.

Turkish towels turned pillows and embroidered Happy by D.L. RHEIN

One of my favorite things is taking unexpected materials and turning them into objects and furnishings.  We made these Euro pillows out of Turkish towels from our store and backed with yummy velvet.  Soft as can be, and a fun punch of color to a monochromatic room.  My Rose has always been one of those people who is always kind, always agreeable, and almost always in a good mood.  This Happy pillow from my 2015 embroidered collection was just right for the sweet free spirit that she is and a reminder of what is most important in life, happiness and health.

Roses, Nesting Trays and a Vintage Globe | D.L. RHEIN

Fresh roses from our garden are as beautiful as they are fragrant.  I named her Rose as they have always been my favorite flower.  The way a rose blooms and continues to slowly open to further show it’s inner beauty is much how I see my youngest child.  Beating to her own drum, and as diverse as the hundred shades of her namesake.  Nesting shagreen trays are perfect for an impromptu breakfast or to lay out her art supplies.  A vintage globe is as fun as it is educational, dreaming of one day traveling the world.

Featherbottom Rug by CB2 | D.L. RHEIN

This fab featherbottom rug from CB2 was a lot of bang for the buck.  An update on the classic chevron, this palatte shows the color possibilities for accents are endless within a neutral space.

Perfect space for work and play | D.L. RHEIN

Rose wanted more empty space within her room and was ready to let go of the clutter.  A giant cubby unit and vintage desk were replaced with a narrow new desk and shelf combo that made sitting down to work, or play, a relaxing experience.  A garden stool doubles as an extra seat for friends or a side table when needed.

Magnet board and desk by Ikea | D.L. RHEIN

Pink and turquoise are still her favorite colors so we flipped when we found all of these fun new desk accessories at Office Depot.  A magnetic board within the desk allows for her photos, weekly agenda, and whatever else strikes her fancy to be displayed and interchangeable.  She was so pleased with her new room, and has kept it as clean as these pics now that she has room to breathe and areas to store away what is not needed all the time.   I will cherish these years to come more than you will ever know, so don’t grow up too fast, ummmkay?!