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“Have the will of a tiger, the speed of a cheetah and the heart of a lion.” – Kevin McCarty

The Streets of #Paris + A Fab #Cheetah look | @D.L. Rhein Joan Collins, look out!  This Parisian woman is head to toe in cheetah, and was moving as fast as one as I tried to snap a picture of her crossing the street.  Animal prints have been around since the beginning of time, and their use in home decor and fashion has existed for centuries.  It wasn’t until 1925 that the trend went wild in America when film actress Marian Nixon waltzed down Hollywood Boulevard with her pet leopard while wearing a matching leopard fur coat.   The commotion and attention that resulted from this permanently put animal prints in American fashion from then until now.   Funky, exotic, and timeless, our fascination with their natural beauty is never ending. 

Animal Prints always make a statement  | @D.L. Rhein

Leave it to the Italians to do the finest techniques in leather, hides and pained furs.  These stenciled rabbit pelts made the perfect pillow for our new linen sofa at our studio.  Not a person can walk buy it without petting it a few times.   One of our clients loved it so much we made one for her Luxe Library makeover.

What's your favorite animal print? | @D.L. Rhein

Zebra, leopard and giraffe prints were all over Paris as I wondered through stores and fabric shops.

This #Cheetah rug is the "Real Deal"  | @D.L. Rhein

We found this exquisite specimen at an antique store and snatched it up. After some professional TLC, it is good as new and looks fabulous with our newly upholstered blue hide vintage chair with brass nailheads. Our embroidered peacock pillow adds an extra touch of eccentricity, reminiscent of Iris Apfel’s NY apartment.   Take a walk on the Wild Side, we sure did!