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“Our admiration of the antique is not admiration of the old, but of the natural.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Vintage Globes in all Shapes and Sizes | D.L. Rhein

While out and about antiquing, I came across an extraordinary vintage globe.  The colors were amazing and I knew it would make the perfect addition to a client’s family room.   We soon became obsessed and my merchandiser begged me to get more if I were to come across them again.

I hit the mother load at one antique vendor, and have been finding them here and there while out on the hunt for more great objects.  Our September store windows were a retro nod to “Back to School,” with groupings of 1960’s globes, antique books and various specimens of minerals, coral and taxidermy.  read more

From Boring To Boudoir

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“It was a woman’s bedroom, actually a boudoir, and no man belonged in it except by invitation.” -Kathleen Winsor

A small loveseat + nook in the bedroom changes the entire vibe | D.L. Rhein

Timing is everything and I love when two desires cross paths at the right time.   My friend and fab aesthetician Heather Bradley, known as the Brow Goddess, needed new seating for her new home studio.  Not only is she a genius with skin care, her taste is impeccable and she wanted something fresh for her new space after a recent move.  I had two great chairs I had already upholstered a few times and she fell in love with them after a last minute house call before an event  (she is a true lifesaver).  With a new home for the chairs, I now had reason to find something to replace them with.

A sofa makeover | D.L. Rhein

While out searching for new vintage treasures, I found a perfect little couch begging to be updated.  Out with the 70’s yellow and gold floral, in with white pre-washed Belgian linen.  I wanted it to be modern, so I opted for no piping and a box seat.  I loved the tufting so I had my upholsterer add linen covered buttons to dress it up a bit.  The sofa was set on a funky platform that we knocked off and replaced with legs stained to match the color of my ebony wood floors.  It is the perfect size for the space, and even allowed room for vintage leather covered trunks I snatched up at an antique show in Atlanta this summer.  Now I have a comfy spot to escape to when I want to read, have my girls hang in my room, or pull inspiration for upcoming projects.




Vintage Style, Modern Twist

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“Be fluid.  Treat each project differently.  The best style is no style.  Because styles can be figured out.  And when you have no style, they can’t figure you out.” – Jay-Z

Subtle colors, beautiful wallpaper, and timeless pieces is the perfect solution for a living room makeover | D.L. Rhein

When my client approached me to transform her living room, I knew it was going to be a blast hunting for objects and furniture to fit her unique taste.  She is a huge fan of Industrial Chic (aptly described by Elizabeth McClure), and has an equal fondness for French antiques.  These two styles marry beautifully as they both tend to use a lot of iron and metal, and are naturally distressed over time.   Let the makeover begin! read more

One Old Chair, Two New Thrones

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 “Even if you have $20,000 to buy an item, you still try to get a good price at antique stores.  I collect furniture, rugs, paintings, and frames.  It’s my hobby to go around to shops and markets.” – Ursula Andress

Repurposing Chairs makes perfect sense | D.L. Rhein

There are certain pieces of furniture that call to you, no matter how tired they look.  Well made solid wood furniture have frames that will last a lifetime, making them the perfect choice for a cosmetic makeover.   Forget the dated fabric and the gnarly color of the wood, I fell in love with the shape and carving detail of these vintage chairs the minute I saw them.  The price was right and I knew they would be a wise purchase for future clients.   Here are the results of  “one” chair with two different facelifts.  read more

3 Favorite Things

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Handmade Creamer + Sugar Bowls from Paris | D.L. Rhein Porcelain Espresso Set, Handmade in Italy $60

Scarves, Scarves - Glorious Scarves | D.L. RheinCashmere/Peau de Soie Scarves $95

Vogue Covers through the Years - A Must Read! | D.L. RheinLeather Bound Vintage Vogue Covers Book $82