Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 150 150 admin

I love Halloween… such a magical mystery in the air!  Even though it falls on a Monday this year, there are ways to be festive all day long: the dentist assistant has horns in her hair, and she’s allowed to stay that way; I can eat candy for my three meals, and no one looks at me funny.

Every year, we go to my friend Jennifer Trilling’s house for creepy foods and trick-or-treating.  What’s cuter than kids in costume?  Maybe dogs, but don’t let my children hear that.  Trick-or-treating dates back to the Middle Ages, when people would go door to door for coins and treats.  Trick-or-treating resembles the medieval practice of souling, when poor people would go door to door and receive coins in exchange for saying prayers for loved ones.  Shakespeare indicates souling in his comedy The Two Gentlemen of Verona (1593), when Speed accuses his master of “puling (whining) like a beggar at Hallowmas.”  A theater major like myself always loves slipping in a little Shakespeare!  In Scotland, children still do a “trick” for a treat- a ghost story or a song.  So cute!

Jennifer just throws the best parties, and I am so grateful our families get to come together at least this one, very special, time of year.  All ages, from grandparents to little ones, we all eat eyeballs and go door to door.  This year, Mia and Lila, Jennifer’s older daughter, will be princesses and Rose and Dahlia, her youngest, will be Thing One and Thing Two.  I asked Rose if she was going to be Thing One or Two, and she said, “We haven’t decided yet.”  It turns out Jennifer and I have the same costume in mind- I just got off the phone with her- harried housewives.  My kids said I should wear a mask, so I’m putting a mud one on.

Pictures to follow, I promise.

Have a happy, healthy Halloween!!



Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl 150 150 admin

Who says organic has to be granola?  Mother of pearl is an organic material, and its beautiful iridescence adorns bowls, lamps and more, which are far from granola.

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Made in America: Not M.I.A.

Made in America: Not M.I.A. 150 150 admin

So many great things have come out of America: from the birth of Hollywood (oh, the glamour!) to cowboy boots, self-made men and women, the Ford Thunderbird, handmade Americana quilts, Bruce Springsteen (Danny’s idol), my children… all with attention to quality and craftsmanship, especially my kiddies! read more

D.L. Rhein Digs: Halloween!

D.L. Rhein Digs: Halloween! 150 150 admin

Paperless Post

Halloween Goodies

Who says Halloween is just about costumes?  The last day of October is fast-approaching, and it’s time to put on a party, even if just for our families!  Here at D.L. Rhein, we just can’t wait to decorate our ominous caves and haunted houses with fun and exciting glitter spiders!  Don’t have an ominous cave or a haunted house?  Boring!  Okay, a cozy den will suffice.  Even the prettiest space can be made spooky with a little help from our creepy critter friends!

Special treats our great too (but candy corn is always welcome).  We found lots of options out there.  Get inspired, and throw a party!

1. Cat Platter | 2. Pumpkin Macaroons on a Stick | 3. Halloween Cake | 4. Owl Garland | 5. Deranged Centerpiece | 6. Pumpkin Candle Holder | 7. Pumpkin Cupcakemen | 8. Orange Berry Wreath | 9. Shortbread Finger Cookies

I’d love to hear what you’re thinking for Halloween decorations, tricks and treats!



Ladies and Gentlemen…

Ladies and Gentlemen… 150 150 admin

We Have a Winner(s)!!



Thank you so much for sending us your peeps!  We love you all, and we love your peeps!  We, D.L. Rhein, promise to bring you interesting, exciting blog posts.  So… for our WINNERS… we were overwhelmed by all the comments over the weekend, and we couldn’t let a couple of days get in the way of your shiny new bracelets.  So…

Elizabeth Aquino & Sandra Barrientos & Elissa Oblath


Come on down to Motor and get your prizes!  See you soon, lovelies!!