Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are 150 150 admin

 “Nice Beaver.”
“Thanks.  I just had it stuffed.”
Leslie Nielson and Priscilla Presley – The Naked Gun

While turning a corner at the Maison et Objet Show, we walked straight into this guy’s stare.  And for a moment, we  thought it was alive.  There is something so breathtaking about getting to see a wild animal right before your eyes in all of it’s beauty and splendor.

The closest thing you will find to this is at LA’s own Natural History Museum. Each Hall is designated to a different geographic region with vignettes of taxidermy set against hand painted backdrops to mimic their natural habitats. The African Elephant exhibit will stop you in your tracks.

Maybe it’s the exotic nature of these particular specimens.   Everyone has seen Deer before, but a Black Panther?  Or the mysterious Dodo Bird which has been extinct for over a century. It’s like walking through Alice’s Wonderland.

 If you are in San Francisco, make it a point to stop at Paxton Gate in The Mission.  A shop filled with natural curiosities,  antique prints and unexpected taxidermy…including a unicorn.

Les Ouiseaux.  A menagerie of birds from all over the world.

This wall from a vendor’s booth at the show is extremely inspiring.  Busts in mass set against a chintzy floral wallpaper.  A far cry from  your Daddy’s hunting lodge, that’s for sure.   Stop by our Third Street store to see our newly acquired antique hawk and woodpecker.  What is your favorite animal?



Paris, à Mais Oui!

Paris, à Mais Oui! 150 150 admin

It might be eighty degrees outside, but today we are dreaming of snow in Paris.  We will bundle up in cashmere, pea coats, and scarves and look (or feel) très chic.  Why Paris? Pour que non (why not)?

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Gold, Frankincense , and Myrrh

Gold, Frankincense , and Myrrh 150 150 admin

Iron Mouse a la D.L, a Candy Cane, and Grammy’s Plates

As a Jewish girl with a former Christmas line, I have often been asked what Christmas means to me.  It means a lot… of warm memories… with my mom, who made stockings by hand for us, and at lively parties with extended family and friends.  As a designer, of course I love the velvets and glitter.  I wonder: where does the secular Christmas come from in all its festive glory?  Well, after doing some D.L. digging, I was able to find that Christmas is a hodgepodge of traditions from different countries.

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Ornament of the Week: Ganesh!

Ornament of the Week: Ganesh! 150 150 admin

Christmas is almost here- please tell me it’s not too late for Ornament of the Week!

Ganesh is our ornament of the week, because he is such a charmer… and so is our hand blown Ganesh ornament.

Ganesh is one of the most recognizable of Hindu deities.  He can be found standing, sitting, dancing, writing, or protecting his family.  Images of him are found throughout India and Nepal, and he is worshiped in all sects of Hinduism.   An elephant head and trunk, human arms and legs, and a protruding belly are his consistent features.

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Ornament of the Week: Penguins!

Ornament of the Week: Penguins! 150 150 admin

“They have wings, but they cannot fly.”  So rhapsodizes Morgan Freeman’s at the beginning of The March of the Penguins.  We love them for so much more than that!  They are magical creatures, seemingly so different from us, in their natural tuxedos; but see them with their young and neighbors in that beloved documentary, and you see the heart of the penguin.  They are social creatures, like us, and they look out for their own.  They trade off with each other when standing in a circle, so that every one of them gets a chance in the middle to get warm.

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