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Holiday Block Party

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Let the adult cocoa pour… we at D.L. Rhein are really excited for our second turn at the West Third Annual Holiday Party, the most festive time to head down to Third St, when we and all our neighbors will be open and hopping until 9 p.m.  Don’t you worry about parking either; there is a trusty valet ready to take your car.  I had a ball last year, and I can’t wait to do it again!  The tacos will be sizzling at Douglas Fir, the tamales at Plancha’s, and the hot toddies will be mugged at Swerve!  We at D.L. Rhein will have wine and bubbly (come have a glass with me) and tasty bites, as well as twenty percent off certain items (don’t ask Andy which items they are yet, but they will be good ones).  Here are some of our other favorite neighbors:

The Traveler’s Bookcase: an international emporium for all things travel-related, equipped with a very knowledgeable staff (Natalie and Brian rule) that will hand you just the book for that special trip or just the accessory to remember it by- they will be offering twenty percent off all non-book items and maps and serving food and wine.

Simple Things: delicious, quality food, from sandwiches to mini pies (they will be giving samples of their Missouri Mud Thursday); they have the cutest darn pie schedule I’ve ever seen (okay, I’ve never seen another pie schedule, but this is the cutest)!

The Orlando: hip boutique hotel, with a luxe lounge, custom coffee blend, they are pet-friendly, and their hot new restaurant The Churchill serves brunch all day, seven days a week, bottom mimosas included, and you can fall into a room after (oh pull my arm, Danny)!

Joan’s on Third: gourmet cafe, full-service catering, and take-out extraordinaire (love the brussel sprouts salad)- they will be serving wine and focaccia bread.

Magnolia Bakery: delic, delic cupcakes: their adorable snowmen cupcakes would look fabulous on one of our milk glass cake stands– they will be serving banana pudding and hot chocolate Thursday (yummy yum yum)!

See you Thursday night!!


D.L. Rhein Digs: Appetizers!

D.L. Rhein Digs: Appetizers! 150 150 admin


Bella Cuccina Pestos + Artichoke Dips – D.L. Rhein

It’s that time of year again!  When family and friends are brushing off the fall and winter heat (LA, baby) and rushing in, hungry.  What in God’s good earth can I give them?  How about something from our good earth that is quick, delicious, and nourishing… so that I can get back to the kitchen and finish the main course (and polish off my glass of vino)?  Any of these recipes would suffice and impress.   I wish I could eat them all right now!  Bella Cucina’s dips are so good straight out of the jar (even my kids think so), and they are equally as amazing as shortcuts to scrumptious dishes.  We will share such dishes with you, from my kitchen, later this week!  Mmm…  May your fall and winter heat be very appetizing!

Sliders – What Kate Ate | Tomato-Millefeuille – La Tartine Gourmande

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A day with the girls + Mr. C

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Lounging poolside in a private cabana with some of my favorite girls… just another day in the life of D.L. Rhein?  My dear, I wish!  No, this was a special day indeed, to pamper with the girls and check out my new favorite neighborhood hotel.  Mr. C’s rocks for numerous reasons.  First, it’s flawless; second, one of my favorite colors orange is everywhere, and third… it’s right around the corner from my house!

We laughed all day, and I swear my belly still hurts!  Girlfriends are so important, no matter where we are in life.  My daughter Rose started the second grade Monday, and the day began with disappointment for both her and a good friend, when they realized they had been put in different classes.  I know what it’s like to be separated from my girls, what with family life and work.  It’s like the song says: “make new friends but keep the old…”  I hope Rose makes new friends in her class and still finds time for the cherished one.  I’m so glad I found time for mine!  Speaking of new friends, can Mr.C be any cuter?  He is the man!  The guy is all over the place; well, it is his hotel… he reminds me of Wimpy in Popeye.  He was the guy who said, “I will gladly pay your Tuesday for a hamburger today”.  Mmm… hamburgers…



Octopus Collector

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Octopus Pillow in Natural Linen by D.L. Rhein

There is no mystery: octopuses are surrounded in mystique.  Whether they scare you, remind you of your child’s favorite book, tickle your taste buds, or inspire you to think into the deep, they are undeniably unusual beasts.  Their existence in our world is, like their tentacles, far-reaching: octopuses are found on pottery three thousand years-old, used in geometry tables,  starring in science fiction movies, and at the core of happy songs written about their hobbies.  What other animals can you say all that about?

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Tastes and Comforts of Home

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The past three months, I have been traveling and working 24/7. I would come home to get clean clothes, kiss my kids, and then I was off again. Living out of my suitcase, sleeping in hotels and eating out constantly made me ache for my own bed, the familiarity of my kitchen, and cooking with my family.
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