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“Gifts have ribbons, not strings.” – Vanna Bonta


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Color of the Year: Tangerine!

Color of the Year: Tangerine! 150 150 admin

A big thank you to In Style Magazine and editor, Ariel Foxman for recoginzing and including us in such a fab publication.

In Style says that the color Tangerine is “The Color of the Year” and our  Linen Zig Zag Pillow is in great company in their April issue. Check it out on page 42.

App-ly yourself

App-ly yourself 150 150 admin

 DODO cases

I am an old school girl; still, I love my iPad.  My hubby Danny gave it to me for my birthday last year, and it really rocks my world (so does the hubby).  I love my apps, especially when I can pull the iPad away from my kiddies and use them!

There are thousand of apps out there.  These are my favorites:



Cole & Son, the world’s premiere wallpaper company, began in 1875 in a mill in North London, with eight hand-blocked textile designs.  They quickly became known for their high-quality work and innovative designs.  They introduced the world to faux-silk wallpaper (so much cheaper!) and have provided wallpaper to Buckingham Palace and the White House.  Today, they are the only company in the world that creates wallpaper in the traditional way, and their commitment to quality shows.  Vivienne Westwood, a designer I greatly admire, has a line with them.

Their app Cole & Son Pattern Book has thousands of prints to choose from.  Whether you use it to pick the perfect wallpaper or for sheer design inspiration, their app couples the best of yesterday with modern technology.  Seems like a logical introduction for this old-fashioned girl’s app list!


Houzz is addictive!  It is filled with ideas for both interior and exterior rooms, over 150,000 pictures worth… I can search by room, style, and location, and then save what I find to a virtual idea book.  Give it a peruse and let me know what design inspirations you come up with!


For the ideas I don’t want anyone to see, or for the spontaneous poem (well, I could), I go to My Daily Journal.  With beautiful layouts to choose from, it almost feels like I’m writing in the real deal.  Plus, I can lock it with a password so no one can see (works much better than the flimsy lock on my childhood journal).


For the last-minute cook, like me, Epicurious is perfect.  Let’s say I have chicken on the mind: I type it in, and I get instant access to lots of yummy options from all the great cooking magazines like Bon Appetit and Gourmet.  With so many options, I thought I would feel overwhelmed, but I usually love one of the first three suggestions.  When I feel like being good, I search their low cal or vegetarian options for something to make after dance class.  Plus, this app is FREE!


Net a Porter is another FREE  app from the premier shopping website, so I can check out the latest threads when waiting at the dry cleaner’s or wherever I may be.


With fans like Gwyneth Paltrow and yours truly, what more do you need to know?  Remodelista has great DIY projects, design tips, and inspiring products and architecture.

Now, if I can just pull my iPad out of Rose’s hands…

What are your favorite apps, peeps?



A little Press and a lot of Gratitude

A little Press and a lot of Gratitude 150 150 admin

Hello 2011!  As I look back on the past year and all that I have accomplished, I think about how the year started and how the year ended. The year ended with a fabulous holiday party at our 3rd Street store, weekends filled with customers and friends sipping champagne and eating goodies at both locations, and a fabulous Pop-up shop hosted by L.A. Times Sunday Home Section.  The setting was breathtaking. Sitting atop a Bel-Air estate, overlooking the entire San Fernando Valley, I literally had to pinch myself(to see the related LA Times blog post,click here)

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LA Times Home “The Holiday House”

LA Times Home “The Holiday House” 150 150 admin