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Eye Candy

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“With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson.  Without them, I’m fat and 60.”

– Jack Nicholson


Spring is here and we have just the right spectacles for reading in the sun.  We love Eyebobs, the famed eye glass company whose “readers” we carry  at our Motor Avenue store thanks to their impeccably well made and stylish frames and we flipped over their introduction of sunglasses!  All Eyebob readers can be converted to a prescription frame, as well as the sunglasses (you can get a non-reader lens put in the frames if you don’t need the extra help.) Deborah loved the Hot Property frames so much she is now wearing them as her everyday glasses and had everyone at the textile show asking, “Where did you get those frames!?”

The new collection designed by Iris Apfel, a 92 year old style maven of NYC who still works as a businesswoman and interior designer is just as fabulous as she.  As a thank you to our customers and blog subscribers, we are offering a chance to win a pair of your choice!

Eyebob Sunglass Readers in all Shapes and Sizes | @D.L. Rhein

Jess our company merchandiser trying out the new frames.


Top Row from the left: Hot Property 128 11 (red amber) , Hot Property 128 01 (black ivory tortoise), Rare Bird 127 10 (cobalt with peacock sides)

Center: Rare Bird 127 19 (tortoise)

Bottom Row: Hot Property 128 10 (cobalt blue) , Rare Bird 127 97 (silver bakelite)


Two D.L Rhein customers can win a pair of these amazing Eyebobs Sunglasses! The winners will be able to choose any of the six styles shown that suits them.

This giveaway will be open until Wednesday, April 3, 2013 midnight PST. Winners will be chosen at random. Giveaway is open to USA residents only.

To Enter (up to 6 entries per person):

Vegan Leather

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“I’m a vegan, but you can be really unhealthy as a vegan too.  Vegan just means that you don’t use animal products, so you don’t wear leather, you don’t wear wool, and you don’t eat animal products.  But you can eat French fries and stuff like that all day long.”

– Emily Deschanel

Two Tone Vegan Leather Totes | @DL Rhein

Color Block Vegan Leather Tote – $75

I had always steered clear of what we know in the industry as “pleather.”  A man made fabrication that from afar looks like the real thing, but in fact is not.  I loved the idea of  faux leather, but it always looked cheap and phony up close and was not durable as it cracked and tore easily.  My trip to Paris last year with Jess completely changed both of our minds.  We found a perfect bag that was a great size and shape and the price was just right.  “Vegan Leather”  those Frenchies called it, and we filled up our suitcases with as many as we could carry back to Los Angeles.  Unaware of how they would be received by our customers, we were pleasantly surprised when we reordered them as many times as we could, until the stock ran out from our Parisian vendor.  Jess and I have been on the hunt for months for  the next great Vegan bag, and we hit pay dirt at the recent  Fashion Market shows earlier this month.  Here are some of our favorite  newest arrivals.  read more

Terrific Trays

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“Twinkle, twinkle little bat, How I wonder what you’re at!  Up above the world you fly, like a tea-tray in the sky.” – Lewis Carroll


Gilded Mirror Tray

Trays are one of my favorite decorating accents.  They add a touch of beauty to the space, while acting as a functional item.  Whether dressing up an entry console, turning an ottoman into a table top surface, or sitting atop a bar cart, trays are the perfect item to grab some drinks and hors d’oeuvres and carry them elsewhere for an impromptu soiree.

I add to my collection of vintage trays on a weekly basis.  Fanciful designs in silver, brass, and most recently polished horn, they always add the right finishing touch and can be easily transported when the need arises.  Here are some of our current favorites.   read more

The Mother of Pearl

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“I am the Mother of Pearl.  The world is a vein of silver, an illusion…” – Ashtavakra Gita

Black Mother of Pearl Stool | @D.L. Rhein


 Delicate and glistening, Mother of Pearl is one of my favorite natural curiosities.  It is the thin layer made up of calcium carbonate that forms the iridescent inside of oysters, mussels and abalone shells.  Mother of Pearl has been used for centuries as an inlay on furniture and objects, carefully carved into beautiful images and shapes.  I have been lucky enough to find many vintage and antique pieces on my recent scouting trips.  Here are a few of my favorites…  read more

3 Favorite Things

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Horn Frames | D.L. Rhein

Pen Shell 4×6 Frame | $45

Horn Servers | D.L. Rhein

Polished Horn Servers  | $62 – $88

Horn Cups + Toothpicks | D.L. Rhein

Horn and Shell Cocktail Hors D’oeuvre Picks – $36