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“Have the will of a tiger, the speed of a cheetah and the heart of a lion.” – Kevin McCarty

The Streets of #Paris + A Fab #Cheetah look | @D.L. Rhein Joan Collins, look out!  This Parisian woman is head to toe in cheetah, and was moving as fast as one as I tried to snap a picture of her crossing the street.  Animal prints have been around since the beginning of time, and their use in home decor and fashion has existed for centuries.  It wasn’t until 1925 that the trend went wild in America when film actress Marian Nixon waltzed down Hollywood Boulevard with her pet leopard while wearing a matching leopard fur coat.   The commotion and attention that resulted from this permanently put animal prints in American fashion from then until now.   Funky, exotic, and timeless, our fascination with their natural beauty is never ending.  read more

3 Favorite Things

3 Favorite Things 150 150 admin

Elephants Never Forget | D.L. Rhein

Silver Dipped Porcelain Elephant $135/Gold Dipped Bulldog $110 by Reichenbach

This Says It All | D.L. Rhein

I Love You set of 3 ceramic heart dishes $12

Coco Chanel Had it All Goin' On | D.L. Rhein

Leather bound Life Lessons from Coco Chanel $82

3 Favorite Things

3 Favorite Things 150 150 admin

Handmade Creamer + Sugar Bowls from Paris | D.L. Rhein Porcelain Espresso Set, Handmade in Italy $60

Scarves, Scarves - Glorious Scarves | D.L. RheinCashmere/Peau de Soie Scarves $95

Vogue Covers through the Years - A Must Read! | D.L. RheinLeather Bound Vintage Vogue Covers Book $82

Wrap Me Up

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“I’m not really a fashion designer.  I just love clothes. I’ve never been to design school.  I can’t sketch.  I can’t cut patterns and things.  I can make a dress out of a scarf.”   – Kate Moss

Scarves are quite possibly my favorite accessory.  Hard to believe given my love affair with fab shoes, but a scarf can be anything you want it to be.  And they always make you feel cozy, unlike my orange leather Fluevogs that I wear for an hour at a time, only to make a grand entrance.

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Crown Jewels

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“Give me my robe, put on my crown; I have Immortal longings in me.” – William Shakespeare

There is something about the idea of wearing a crown.  At some point we all dreamed of being a princess or a queen, wearing jewels upon our heads.  Traditionally crowns are symbolic forms of head wear worn by a monarch or diety representing power, legitimacy, immortality, righteousness, victory, triumph and honor.  Not something attainable for most of us commoners, so instead we began fashioning crowns  in the form of a wreath made of flowers, leaves and ribbons.

We have found the modern crown, hand encrusted by the fabulous Deepa Gurnani team.   Modeled by some of my dear friends: L.A., H.B., & D.R.  Beads, crystals, boullion, embroidery, and mirrored disks add just the right touch of sparkle and reign to your head.  These aren’t your childhood plastic faux tortoise drugstore headbands.  With sexy beach hair and a flowy tunics, a jeweled headband kicks you up to another level, without even trying.  When do you feel like wearing a crown?