Hands On Salon Beverly Hills + A Makeover

Hands On Salon Beverly Hills + A Makeover 150 150 admin

I LOVE a good challenge.  Nothing gets my juices going more than making myself accomplish the almost impossible in a short amount of time.


When I received the phone call from Missy, the new owner of Hands On Beverly Hills, I was intrigued.  Hands On is a day spa, catering to the elite of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Manicures, pedicures, facials, and overall beauty treatments are some of the best in the city.  After our initial meeting I was excited about the redo, but I was questioning if I could get all that needed to be done. With a tight budget and less than 4 weeks to complete the task, I had to think fast.

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Color of the Week ~ Blue

Color of the Week ~ Blue 150 150 admin

Blue soothes me.  It calms me down.  The ocean, the rippling of the water in the swimming pool, the sky, nail polish and the color of the walls in my Motor Avenue store.

There are so many shades of blue and each and everyone of them make me smile, feel joy, creating an abundance of happiness!

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A Craft Party, Friends, + Cocktails

A Craft Party, Friends, + Cocktails 150 150 admin

I love sharing my studio space.  It is such a source of inspiration for me and inviting friends to come in and find their own inner creativity, gives me great joy.

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Treasures from the Sea

Treasures from the Sea 150 150 admin

I have always loved being out in nature.  I thrill on a good hike, I sometimes find myself wandering around the paths of Temescal Canyon, where the mountains meet the sea. I love the beach.  The beach represents the end of the earth and being on the edge with no place left to go, is comforting.  On those rare days when life becomes incredibly stressful, I find myself sitting on the edge of the earth, listening to the waves crash in front of me and I am instantly calm.

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Vintage Finds

Vintage Finds 150 150 admin

Back when, before I had responsibilities (kids, a custom design business, charity committees, and two retail stores), I would spend hours on a lazy Sunday morning wondering the stalls of the local flea markets.  I would take my time, sip my coffee, enjoy the conversations with the quirky vendors.  Those days are long gone.

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