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Hands On Salon Beverly Hills + A Makeover

Hands On Salon Beverly Hills + A Makeover 150 150 admin

I LOVE a good challenge.  Nothing gets my juices going more than making myself accomplish the almost impossible in a short amount of time.


When I received the phone call from Missy, the new owner of Hands On Beverly Hills, I was intrigued.  Hands On is a day spa, catering to the elite of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Manicures, pedicures, facials, and overall beauty treatments are some of the best in the city.  After our initial meeting I was excited about the redo, but I was questioning if I could get all that needed to be done. With a tight budget and less than 4 weeks to complete the task, I had to think fast.

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Treasures from the Sea

Treasures from the Sea 150 150 admin

I have always loved being out in nature.  I thrill on a good hike, I sometimes find myself wandering around the paths of Temescal Canyon, where the mountains meet the sea. I love the beach.  The beach represents the end of the earth and being on the edge with no place left to go, is comforting.  On those rare days when life becomes incredibly stressful, I find myself sitting on the edge of the earth, listening to the waves crash in front of me and I am instantly calm.

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Saltillo Tiles Get A Cosmetic Makeover

Saltillo Tiles Get A Cosmetic Makeover 150 150 admin

#DIY - A little bit of paint is all this kitchen really needed | @DLRheinThe question is…how do you create continuity in a home where a bunch of different eras and styles converge upon one?  The structure of the house is Mediterranean, the kitchen is country, the clients taste is black and white everything.  And how do you do all of this within a budget?  Without gutting the kitchen and tearing out floors and tile, I relied on paint.  Paint can cure all ailments.

The kitchen tiles were covered with country style farm animals.  Those had to go.  However, without tearing out the tiles, I had to think of how to achieve this.  Then I remembered when I was an apartment dweller(back in the day), I used an epoxy type paint to conceal stains, mildew, mold, as well as touch ups.  When Danny and I moved into our first home on Benedict Canyon, one of the bathrooms had a horrible sink straight out of the 20’s.  The sink was an awful shade of pink-mauve.  The epoxy paint was the perfect solution to turn that sink into a clean, shiny white, modernest wonder.

An Easy Makeover with Big Results | @D.L. Rheinbefore

So after discussing the to do list and budget with, my friend and client,  “BM’s”, I knew it was another opportunity to work with epoxy paint.  I used the paint to transform the tiles, the sinks, and the floors; the Saltillo tile floors.  To rip out and replace the tile floors, would have blown our budget. Instead, my team and I developed a floor finish that combined a resin and an epoxy in jet black. I was amazed at the transformation and realized that it really doesn’t take much to do a cosmetic makeover.

#Saltillotiles get a new look to an updated kitchen | @DLRheinafter

Something Old, Something New

Something Old, Something New 150 150 admin

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have a lot of “stuff” scattered throughout my design studio.  Frames, trays, scraps of fabrics, vintage wall paper, fabric trim, buttons, sea shells, and the list goes on and on.  Much of my  inspiration is found in these objects. These days, I am finding a lot of inspiration in vintage scarves.  The silk ones that my mom used to wear in the 60’s.  On Saturday nights, I would watch her get dressed for her night out with my dad.  There were those rare occasions that she would wrap a scarf around her neck and I remember thinking how much I loved the colors, the patterns, and the texture of these scarves.

The patterns and the colors have aided me in my designs for PKHC, one of my design partnerships, as well as in the design work that I do for private clients.  I have started repurposing the box of vintage scarves that sit on top of my design table.  I have started with pillows.  Before I could photograph the collection, 5 of the 6 pillows were purchased as my seamstress was dropping them off at the store on Motor Avenue.  Therefore, I only have one to show you.  I think it is time to create more pillows!

Look around your house, see what has meaning.  Your child’s old baby blankets, a favorite t-shirt that can’t be seen in public, your grandma’s floral tablecloths, your husband’s old shirts.  Make something with them.  And if you do, come back and tell us about it.  I think you will be surprised how much sentiment your new creation will give you.

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From Ordinary to Extraordinary

From Ordinary to Extraordinary 150 150 admin

A few days before Christmas, a customer walked into the Motor store looking for a birthday present for her mom. She specifically wanted a tray that could function as a catch all on her mother’s desk.  There is so much stuff in my design studio.  Sometimes it is hard to see the forest through the trees, but there are those rare times where I recover hidden treasures.

I found three of these basic and simple trays that I had bought years ago.  Although, I physically didn’t have a tray in stock, to sell to our customer, I was able to create one.  With a little paint, some vintage wall paper, and gumption, a new treasure was born.

If you would like help creating the home that you have always desired to live in,
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