Carried Away by the Ballet

Carried Away by the Ballet

Carried Away by the Ballet 150 150 admin

Gold Ballasox

Most girls want to be ballerinas.  Some of us are more clumsy than graceful, and we end up with beautiful Audrey Hepburn shoes and trips to The Nutcracker.  I happily fall into the second category.  I am not the most flexible grape in the bunch, but I love my new gold flats!

“Little Dancer of Fourteen Years” by Degas


It is (this) girl’s dream to go to the ballet.  I have been before, but it is always such a treat.  I am excited the Joffrey Ballet is coming to town in December.  We are planning a D.L. field trip with all the girls.  I will definitely keep you posted!

Ballet influences style in so many ways.  From SJP’s indelible tutu on Sex and the City to Van Cleef & Arpels’ stunning Diamond Dancer from their new collection, we all own or want something a little ballet.

Jane Aldridge

Who would have thought toe shoes could bridge countries?  Well, they did just that when the Cuban Ballet came to Los Angeles this summer.  It is the beginning of a dialogue.  Speaking of returning ballet companies, the Scottish Ballet is coming in October after twenty five years.  I wonder if they will be wearing kilts.