Cabana Guest House

Cabana Guest House

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“Hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even if you wish they were.” – Unknown

A guest house makeover before | D.L. Rhein


Our client has a fabulous home and it never ocured to me to ask where her guest’s stay when paying a visit.  I received a call asking for a quick and easy zhushing of their guest house looking out to their beautiful pool.  Her father was on his way from New York and asked if she could make the guest house more comfortable.  Rearrangement of furniture, some new pieces, and the removal of the kids extra stuff makes this space a comfortable guest suite for a “kid” of any age! 

A peaceful guest house | D.L. Rhein


This beachy pool house needed to be lightened up.   A vintage orange and white rug adds a pop of color and matches a giant vintage framed print on the right wall.  Tufted Linen Ottomans from Target are an inexpensive way to add extra seating, prop your feet up and store blankets and sheeting for the pull out sofa bed.  A vintage laquered trunk sits atop a brass base serving as both a coffee table, and yet another place to store extra items.  Embroidered Hexagon Pillows flank a custom rabbit pillow.  We moved a cabinet from another area next to the couch to create a side table for an antique glass and metal lamp.  A painting from a budding artist, our client’s daughter, was moved to the center wall pulling the colors of the room together.  The room now has plenty of storage, and looks like a guest suite instead of a dumping ground. What a perfect place to unwind after a day in the pool!

Give an old cabinet new life | D.L. Rhein

I loved this Asian cabinet’s bright turquoise finish.  It needed to be a showpiece and not an afterthought.  The drum set was moved into the family’s living room to be enjoyed along side their piano.

Repurposing and existing cabinet | D.L. Rhein

Spiked Ginger Urns and a stag horn coral are perfectly curated.

A guest house makeover | D.L. Rhein

The stairs are leading up to an actual bedroom which was being used as more of an attic.  Once we finished this floor, our client said we have to do the upstairs too!   Stay tuned for the makeover of this Cabana House’s master suite…