Bon Anniversaire

Bon Anniversaire

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“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too?  I thought I was the only one.” – C.S. Lewis

What’s better than spending an afternoon with your closest girlfriends?  Doing so at a home that is a hidden oasis and feeling like you are at a desert spa.  The hostess, Donna Rabin, a soul sister of mine,  welcomed everyone to a beautiful pool, outdoor living room, and spread of food that would make the harshest critic lick their lips for more.  Not only is she a fabulous friend and mother of three, she is the owner of two of LA’s hottest new restaurants: BricoLA and Villeta.   Mid afternoon nosh was an array of Venetian pizzas from BricoLA.

The favorite pie was piled with  brie, prosciutto, and arugula, after the dough was baked.   This pizza is the real deal in terms of authenticity, made in the Venetian style with a thin crust and the freshest ingredients.   Every hour a new dish was brought out to satiate everyone’s palate while lounging in the sun. After spending a day here, we all told her we wanted to move in!

Prosecco Bellinis were the cocktail of choice.  Originating in Venice, Bellinis are traditionally served with peach puree.  These were given a new twist by using crushed guava instead, and hand crafted by an Italian bartender.  An interesting mix of cheeses and the hostess’ cherry tomato salad were the perfect afternoon nibbles.

How ’bout that candy bar!  Giving an old idea a sophisticated spin,  SUGAR LA created a custom candy bar in lilac and yellow complete with custom jar and goodie bag labels.  The pearlized bauble candy made them look good enough to wear, not just eat.

My favorite picks in Tokyo Milk Solid Perfumes were on the bar in Dead Sexy, Gin and Rosewater, Marine de Sel and Sencha Blue,  letting each guest pick her own signature fragrance to travel with this summer.   There were other treats for my guests that day that did not involve a sweet tooth.  A tarot card reader and a masseuse took each guest for an amazing experience personalized to their needs.  Heather Bradley of Bradley Beauty worked her magic like no one else can, and gave us all the eyebrows of our dreams.   She can tame anyone’s unruly caterpillars and make even the faintest ones stand out.   She treats each face as an individual, shaping to frame your eyes perfectly.   I wanted to relax and be pampered on my birthday, and I wanted to share that with all of my friends.

My friends always say I’m the hardest person to shop for since I own two retail stores.  I was blown away when I was handed a giant Chloe shopping bag, a gift that all of my besties contributed to.  Inside was a brown leather handbag that I’ve been coveting for ages.  Maybe it’s the perfectly hand sewn leather, or the hardware that is reminiscent of one of my standards at Liz’s Antique Hardware.  Whatever it was, I was overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and generosity felt that day.  My greatest present was having my girls spend a relaxed day away from work, children, and the outside world.  Thanks to all who made this the best birthday yet.