Before and After: Cabana Bathroom

Before and After: Cabana Bathroom

Before and After: Cabana Bathroom 150 150 admin

When a design client finds us through one of our stores, and sees what our style is all about, it usually makes things go pretty smoothly.  The fabulous Rachel Mumford, of Barry’s Boot Camp, was no exception.  She strutted into our Third St. store and fell in love with the thing we do.  We, in turn, fell immediately in love with her and her beautiful Hidden Hills home.  Hidden Hills, the land of horses and Main St, ‘aint seen nothing like this.

Little by little, room by room, we went through the house and freshened it up.  We did a make over on the kitchen, redecorated the home office, made-over the two kids’ rooms, and the living room.  The bathroom came last.  Because we had been working on the rest of the house, we had a clear idea in mind of what we wanted to do with the guest bathroom, and we were able to redo it in two weeks!

The bathroom leads out to the pool, and I knew immediately I wanted to create a cabana feel.  The ocean has always inspired me, from the seashell mirrors I make to the coral I place (and the conch shells I put up to my ear).

This was the first time I created a flat shower, which adds to the cabana feel.

Mirror Mirror, Before and After Limpet Shells

The tile made all the difference.  We put Ann Sacks tile on the walls and found the perfect river rock floor tile to compliment it.

Clean, Shimmery, and Blue… Time to Go for a Swim!