“Sometimes the beauty is easy.  Sometimes you don’t have to try at all.  Sometimes you can hear the wind blow in a handshake.  Sometimes there’s poetry written right on the bathroom wall.” – Ani DiFranco



We love a good challenge and this guest bathroom was no exception.  How do we keep the existing structure, and make the pink and green marble work in a modern update?!  Use the color as our inspiration and find just the right match to make an already ornate room, go totally over the top.  Reminiscent of one of the bathrooms in the Greystone Mansion, we wanted to honor the vintage charm by bringing it up to date with new accents.  With the foyer and game loft/lounge under our belt, we went to some of our favorite vendors to look for textiles and wall coverings to make this room sing. 

POWDER ROOM | WOODLAND HILLS | D.L. RHEIN #dlrhein #schumacher #chiangmai #marble #green

Hello Hollywood Glamour!  One of our all time favorite prints from Schumacher was available in a new colorway and it took our breath away.  Chiang Mai Dragon in Ebony completely transformed the space and picked up all of the existing tones of marble.  The mirrored walls further the illusion of the room going on and on and reflect the paper making it visible from every angle.


We knew the track lighting had to go, but were unsure about the stained glass window until the wallpaper went up…

POWDER ROOM | WOODLAND HILLS | D.L. RHEIN #dlrhein #schumacher #chiangmai #bathroomremodel

With the sunshine illuminating through the stained glass, it worked perfectly with the new touches in this pretty powder room.  A vintage bamboo chair was given new life with black lacquer and upholstered in the same textile pattern as the papered ceiling.  An incredibly talented artist I work with hand painted a vintage set of nesting tables in faux malachite for our client’s powder room.  A brass urn filled with multi colored orchids continues to play off the bold and vibrant tones throughout the room.  The dated track lighting was replaced with a stunning brass sunburst.  Could you just plotz?!


This recessed corner was forgotten and unused.  We strive to make every inch as functional as it is beautiful and couldn’t let this be an afterthought.

Antique Parisian Mirror, Fresh Orchids, Bone Tray and Fresh Orchids |D.L. RHEIN

An antique gilded mirror from a buying trip to Paris fit perfectly in the alcove.  In keeping with the family’s love for Hawaii (they vacation there each year), we wanted to add a few touches to remind them of the island.  A faux orchid was replaced with fresh cut beauties in a glass vase, and one of our best selling candles “Volcano” erupts with fragrance, even when it’s not being burned.  This is not your grandma’s powder room, but we know even she would approve of this modern vintage remodel with a twist.  Stay tuned as we continue to reveal this Woodland Hills remodel, room by room.  Mahalo!