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“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”
– Pablo Picasso

Living Room | Cheviot Hills | D.L. RHEIN

This living room was a blank slate, waiting to be filled in with texture and color.  With a family room on the other side of the house for tv watching and game playing, we wanted to create a grown up space for when the Mr. and Mrs. entertain their friends.  With white walls, a wood mantle and a single Shabby Chic white couch, this room was open to endless possibilities to update and sophisticate! 

Vintage Chinoiserie Planter with Fig Leaf | Cheviot Hills | D.L. RHEIN

We choose a subtle grey for the walls which was soothing and neutral, but added a much needed warmth.  Vintage chinoiserie pots we scored on one of our hunts are a work of art in themselves.  Raised on wooden pedestals, these fig leaf trees make great house plants and will continue to grow filling out the space with fresh greenery.

Chesterfields and Gallery Wall | Cheviot Hills | D.L. RHEIN

The existing couch in the room was white with huge arms and big floppy cushions.  It was in need of some TLC and updating.  By modernizing the existing frame, it became a comfy Chesterfield in fresh natural woven linen.  The tufting of the couch elevates the look without sacrificing the comfort.  Our clients loved it so much, we did a second couch to match giving them plenty of seating to chat and enjoy cocktails.  A vintage rug loaded with beautiful colors is grounded by the neutrality of the furniture.  The mantle was painted in a rich dark grey that matched the veins in the marble hearth and looks like it’s own framed work of art.

Gallery Wall and Hearth | Cheviot Hills | D.L. RHEIN

When deciding on what to do with the blank walls, she showed us some of her daughter’s recent artwork.  We were totally inspired with what we saw.  What a treasure to have such talent!  We suggested a gallery wall, framing each masterpiece, in different vintage frames.  A mix of sizes and patterns look super chic when all done in a uniform color.  With touches of brass throughout the room, gilded with gold was the way to go.  One of our favorite finds – a brass swan, became the perfect unexpected vase for fresh tulips.  A bone tray is a beautiful contrast to the vintage coffee table we lacquered in black and inlaid with beveled smokey mirror.  The finishing touches were the pieces to finish off the fireplace.  I always love a lion, a protector of the house.  We snatched up this beautiful marble and brass fire tool set the minute we saw it and the rest is history. A beautiful space to relax and entertain, while showing off their very own art gallery.  Foster the creativity within your children, and everyone will reap the benefits.