A Means to an End

A Means to an End

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“Hold yourself together like a pair of bookends.”  – Blake Shelton

Natural Curosities Bookends @DLRhein | www.dlrhein.comI never met a book I didn’t like.  Perhaps that is why I love to glam them up with a fab pair of bookends. Take these polished laboradite ones for example.   Jess calls them magic stones because they change color depending on how the light hits them and what they are next to.  Blue, grey, amber, green, teal, even flecks of purple have made this my favorite of all stones and minerals.  They look particularly fab when flanking books whose spines are  wrapped in antique calligraphy.  Not only are they beautful, but minerals hold powers that can help ground a room, not to mention the people within it!

Display books with beautiful bookends @DL Rhein | www.dlrhein.comPetrified Wood is a rare marvel to behold.   It takes thousands of years to form, and when it does, there is nothing like it.  These actually have a bit of crystallization in them, further adding to their existing beauty.

Selenite, the white bookends, is harvested in Morocco and resembles Jerel’s ice palace in the Superman movies of our younger years.  It is known for its healing properties and is often used  for removing bad energy.   It is wonderful for meditating or when you want to help eliminate  negative thoughts.

Cast Iron, one of the oldest materials used for sculpting decorative objects is another great choice for bookends.  These busts, fashioned in the image of Marie Antoinette are a customer favorite in our stores.  A whimsical nod to the past, which add a touch of history to your bibliotheque.

I snatch up vintage bookends whenever I come across them.  I love to add things that you can’t find just anywhere, and they can completely change the look of an old stack of books that need a little love and some new life breathed into them.  Stay tuned for some of the amazing finds we found while at a famed Antique Fair on our recent buying trip to Atlanta.