Saltillo Tiles Get A Cosmetic Makeover

Saltillo Tiles Get A Cosmetic Makeover

Saltillo Tiles Get A Cosmetic Makeover 150 150 admin

#DIY - A little bit of paint is all this kitchen really needed | @DLRheinThe question is…how do you create continuity in a home where a bunch of different eras and styles converge upon one?  The structure of the house is Mediterranean, the kitchen is country, the clients taste is black and white everything.  And how do you do all of this within a budget?  Without gutting the kitchen and tearing out floors and tile, I relied on paint.  Paint can cure all ailments.

The kitchen tiles were covered with country style farm animals.  Those had to go.  However, without tearing out the tiles, I had to think of how to achieve this.  Then I remembered when I was an apartment dweller(back in the day), I used an epoxy type paint to conceal stains, mildew, mold, as well as touch ups.  When Danny and I moved into our first home on Benedict Canyon, one of the bathrooms had a horrible sink straight out of the 20’s.  The sink was an awful shade of pink-mauve.  The epoxy paint was the perfect solution to turn that sink into a clean, shiny white, modernest wonder.

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So after discussing the to do list and budget with, my friend and client,  “BM’s”, I knew it was another opportunity to work with epoxy paint.  I used the paint to transform the tiles, the sinks, and the floors; the Saltillo tile floors.  To rip out and replace the tile floors, would have blown our budget. Instead, my team and I developed a floor finish that combined a resin and an epoxy in jet black. I was amazed at the transformation and realized that it really doesn’t take much to do a cosmetic makeover.

#Saltillotiles get a new look to an updated kitchen | @DLRheinafter